Loreal Revitalift Double Lifting Review

Trying to decide which instant face lift product to use can be a difficult under taking so we did one of our in-depth reviews, examining the ingredients, clinical research, side effects, and customer quality reviews. We also went through hundreds of user comments from various websites. We took all of the information and condensed to give you the highlights and lowlights of this product.

How the Product Works

Loreal Revitalift Double Lifting is supposed to be a unique wrinkle treatment that instantly retightens skin and effectively fights wrinkles. It’s hailed as the first double-action treatment that combines two complementary formulas into one application. The ultra-concentrated lifting gel and a powerful anti-wrinkle cream work together to provide intense lifting action.

The tightening gel contains three times the Pro-Tensium a new generation of retightening technology that comes from minerals.

The main ingredients include: water, glycerin, cyclopentasiloxane, alcohol denat , isocetyl stearate , butylene glycol , lithium magnesium sodium Silicate , PEG-100 stearate, beeswax, PEG-20 stearate , stearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol.

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There were quite of few buyers that were VERY disappointed and felt ripped off.


Side Effects – Possible Irritant

This product contains both PEG-100 stearate and PEG-20, which are categorized by the Cosmetics Database to be a moderate hazard depending on usage, but still holds contamination and toxicity concerns.

What’s concerning is that one user suffered being burnt to the point that she went to the doctor. According to the review, “I certainly didn’t have wrinkles anymore because my face was so swollen, although I’m not sure because the swelling was so severe that my eyes were closed shut.” She went on to say that it took a week to heal and she would go back to plain moisturizers.

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Texture – Leaves a Residue

One thing that was noticeable from the get-go was the texture. This instant face lift cream goes on really waxy and dries very matte. It’s hard to apply any kind of makeup afterwards without first using a moisturizer.

The Results

This product appears at first to be two completely full tubes, until you get home and start using it. After using it for a week sparingly, nothing was coming out. That’s when we decided to take a better look inside the tubes and noticed that they only go about a quarter of an inch down and then it ends. The rest of it is just for show. There were quite of few buyers that were VERY disappointed and felt ripped off.

The Bottom Line

Loreal Revitalift Double Lifting seems to be the perfect solution for those who want to see their skin firmer and younger looking. Unfortunately it’s not. Even after using the gel/cream for a few weeks, there was no difference in the look of fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin. Another negative was that it contains two types of PEG’s and about four separate types of alcohols. No wonder it burns people’s skin.

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