Estee Lauder Resilience Sculpting Eye Cream Review

Trying to decide which instant facelift product actually works can be a difficult under taking so we did one of our in-depth reviews, examining the ingredients, clinical research, side effects, and customer quality reviews. We also went through hundreds of user comments from various websites. We took all of the information and condensed to give you the highlights and lowlights of this product.

How the Product Works

Estee Lauder developed a powerful eye cream that is designed to fade wrinkles and other skin imperfections that surround the eye area. The firming, sculpting eye cream is formulated to lift, firm, and define the appearance of your eyes with its exclusive blend of nourishing ingredients. Its exclusive photo-activated and nocturnal lift complexes help to support the skin’s natural collagen and elastin synthesis. In addition, it reduces the tell-tell signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark circles, dryness and fine lines. Skin around the eyes is left firmer, younger, and smoother.

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Firming-Sculpting Eye Cream’s ingredients are not readily listed online.

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Unfortuntaely this eye cream cannot live up to the company’s claims. This eye cream doesn’t contain anything capable of lifting skin, at night or in general.


Side Effects – Contains No Irritants

This sculpting eye cream does provide some instant relief from dry skin, but contains no real firming or lifting ingredients. It’s a great moisturizer, but does little else. The up side to this eye cream is that it’s fragrance-free, which means those who are sensitive to strong fragrances will not have to worry about allergies and skin irritation problems.

“This eye cream did not make any difference in the look of my wrinkles,” said one user.

“This is just a good moisturizer, but it’s expensive,” said another user.

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Texture – Product is Very Rich

In the case of texture and smell, Estee Lauders eye cream has a very rich and creamy texture, thus it may not be the best eye cream treatment for those with oily skin. However, this cream may work great for those with either dry or combination skin types.

“The eye cream was far too heavy for my skin type. It also took awhile to soak into the skin,” said one person. The shiny finish left behind makes it hard to apply a foundation or powder over this product.

The Results

Estee Lauder Resilience Sculpting Eye Cream is kind of expensive given the fact that its most compelling ingredients won’t remain active for long. The jar packaging won’t keep the antioxidants stable for long-term use.

We found that while it offered some deep moisturizing, it cannot lift the skin as claimed and does not work to stimulate new elastin production. The majority of the reviews we found online pretty much had the same opinion of this cream. “I tried this for my neck, hoping it would firm it a little, nothing happened. It is a nice moisturizer but that is not why I bought it. Thank goodness I started with a sample,” said one user.

“Maybe it will work for some, did not work for me,” said another user.

The Bottom Line

Unfortuntaely this eye cream cannot live up to the company’s claims. This eye cream doesn’t contain anything capable of lifting skin, at night or in general. While it does include ingredients that have been shown to stimulate healthy collagen production, there is some doubt as to how well they stimulate elastin production. We have a small number of elastin fibers; and once they’re damaged, the body is not capable of generating new elastin. The best we can hope for is elastin repair. Think of a rubber band that is stretched beyond its limits. It never returns to its original strength.

As for the “luminizing optics” found in the description, this is basically a blurring effect that comes from excessive shininess.

One of the best products we’ve seen in the last year is a product called Nutrafeel Ageless Beauty Instant Lift. Its formula consists of a proprietary blend of ingredients, which have been shown in published clinical trials to help tighten and firm sagging skin and boost natural collagen.

Nutrafeel Ageless Beauty Instant Lift’s specifically designed micro cream targets areas that have lost elasticity — revealing visibly toned, lifted skin. This product is already getting great reviews on the web from people seeing amazing results.

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